Friday, October 24, 2014

Recent Make-ups

These are some make-up's I've done over the last week at Uni. The first is an application of latex appliances onto a friends arm, to create some sort of acid burn type effect.

Veins were painted onto the arm using Nimba Creations 'Perfect Palette'. I also used Liquitex Acrylic paints.

The second make-up (below) was applied to the same friend, James Morris, I wasn't as quite as happy with the finished results on this. It was built up using just liquid latex and cotton wool, again coloured the same as the arm.

I did these final two make-up's without very little preparation for a film that one of the students is making, called 'Vigil' He required a heavily beaten face and a less beaten face, James Morris was once again roped into wearing the make-up. This has a latex appliance over one eye and the rest is a combination of the ''Perfect Palette' make-up and the 'Liquitex Paint' with Vaseline to add shine.

Cotton wool was placed in the cheek and behind the lip to add swelling to the face. And some fake blood trickled into areas.

The 2nd Make-up was done purely with paint effects, no prosthetic pieces at all, both make-up's took around 3 hours to complete, and they had some minor touching up on set.

 No hard feelings !!

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