Friday, October 24, 2014

Recent Make-ups

These are some make-up's I've done over the last week at Uni. The first is an application of latex appliances onto a friends arm, to create some sort of acid burn type effect.

Veins were painted onto the arm using Nimba Creations 'Perfect Palette'. I also used Liquitex Acrylic paints.

The second make-up (below) was applied to the same friend, James Morris, I wasn't as quite as happy with the finished results on this. It was built up using just liquid latex and cotton wool, again coloured the same as the arm.

I did these final two make-up's without very little preparation for a film that one of the students is making, called 'Vigil' He required a heavily beaten face and a less beaten face, James Morris was once again roped into wearing the make-up. This has a latex appliance over one eye and the rest is a combination of the ''Perfect Palette' make-up and the 'Liquitex Paint' with Vaseline to add shine.

Cotton wool was placed in the cheek and behind the lip to add swelling to the face. And some fake blood trickled into areas.

The 2nd Make-up was done purely with paint effects, no prosthetic pieces at all, both make-up's took around 3 hours to complete, and they had some minor touching up on set.

 No hard feelings !!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

A Tale of Two Cities - Set Design - Concept Art

Here are some of my designs for the set design I did for the project based on 'A Tale of Two Cities'

A Tale of Two Cities - Set Design

This was a project to design a street scene for a production of Charles Dickens 'A Tale of Two Cities' All modelling work done in 3DS Max.

Great Expectations - Set Design

These are a series of images for a set design project I did last year at Uni, I did both CGI and a small physical model. It was to show a set for a TV production of 'Great Expectations' I only realised after I'd done these images and handed them in that I'd spelt Miss Havisham wrongly. Oops !

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Recent work.

Did this drawing recently as a piece of fan art based on 'Harbinger Down' a SF/Horror film that was financed via Kickstarter, that I put some money into ! This is just a made up creature,and not actually in the film !!

Another recent pic, very much Creature from the Black Lagoon or the Gillman from Monster Squad.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Mask Design

Back on January 29th 2013 I made a post about a mask I'd made at Uni, well the images here were from my original design ideas when it was going to be some kind of frog/toad man.

This design above as do some of my others, have a look of the creatures from the Gerry Anderson TV show Space Precinct, it wasn't intentional, but once it was pointed out to me I could see the similarity in several of them. It also had a feel of the Toad character from the Aardman animated film Flushed Away, well mainly the smoking jacket, more than the face.

I liked the colours on this one that's above, I think the blue and the orange go well together.

The one above reminds me of the baby dinosaur from the Henson show Dinosaurs. Again not intentional.

Eye studies.

This was an attempt to make it bare a bit of a likeness to the Creature from the Black Lagoon type of creature.

Again a bit Gillman, and also some Cthulhu thrown in for good measure.

This one is a bit more insect like.

And this was a costume design to go with the actual mask I ended up making, see my post for Jan 29th down the page.