Saturday, January 21, 2006

Blake's 7 - Teleport Bracelet 2

I started this Teleport Bracelet from Blake's 7 around the same time I was making the other items for the DVD menu's, but this got barely started and shoved onto a disc with other stuff, I found it recently and decided to finish it.

This was the Teleport Bracelet that was used by the crew of the Liberator in the first 3 series of Blake's 7. Although it appears to be black on the show it is kind of a burgundy colour, or at least has a sheen of that colour.

I remember Blue Peter making one of these many years ago using a section of a ribbed plastic Lemonade Bottle as the starting point, like most Blue Peter makes I probably started writing down the instructions then gave up. :)


Anonymous said...

Neat; I actually made the Blue Peter one...funnily enough, my brother made the real thing, being the SFX designer on Blake's 7!

Terry Cooper said...

Hi Andrew, I made a couple of these recently! The colour of paint they used was a metallic brown by Halfords.