Friday, January 06, 2006

Hyperdrive Preview

There's a 5 minute preview tonight at 9.55pm on BBC 2 of Hyperdrive.

I got to see the trailer on TV earlier,it's the first time I've seen any footage of the ship that I made,although I made the ships Niel and the guys at Qurios have been spending the last few months putting them on the screen,and from the clips I saw they've done a great job.

Quite nice to not be involved in the actual animation,lighting,technical side of things,it means that when I watch the show besides knowing what some of the ships look like already I'll be as in the dark as every other viewer as to what sort of shots they've been used in and how they help tell the story etc... Niel and the lads have made other ships for various alien vessels that I haven't seen so again that'll be a nice suprise.I think fans are going to respond well to the show and the design of the HMS Camden Lock,the shows writer Andy Riley actually set the ball rolling design wise with a small doodle of the ship,and although the end product sticks to his basic layout the rest of the ship was pretty much designed by me.Qurios have made small tweaks to help accomodate the ships practical lights,from which I gather there are many,seen in shadow the ship should look very interesting when illuminated by various running lights,beacons etc...

Me and Niel always said what would be great is if they actually make a model kit/replica of the HMS Camden Lock,that would be so cool seeing something built in the computer turned into a real object.And I'm sure my contacts at Forbidden Planet could get me and Niel one at discount...don't go who,you know who you are !!!

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Anonymous said...

I watched the preview last night and thought that it looked pretty good, the ships look really nice with the animations and lighting.
It should be good fun.