Friday, January 20, 2006

Hyperdrive Shuttle

Some frame grabs of the shuttle leaving the HMS Camden Lock in Hyperdrive. As you can see between the second and fourth picture, the shuttles side engines deploy.

This shuttle model had a detailed interior, this being the cockpit and rear corridor,two side rooms on the port and starboard sides,entrance area behind the main door, and a small set of rear view ports. These were modelled so that if the camera got close to the ship it would look visually more interesting.

Not wanting to be compared to 'Starbug' from Red Dwarf and keeping it in style with the Camden Lock, I went for a much more 2001 and Space 1999 approach to the shuttle.

Again Niel and the guys at Qurios have done an amazing job of bringing these CG models to life, from the exterior lighting to the engine FX !

Thanks to Michael for taking these grabs for me.


Nay_Gevara said...

Looks very cool, better than episode 3. Get your showreel to ILM lad !

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Why do you say these things when you know I will kill you for them ?! Name the movie !

Still fighting the revolution Nay ?

The scenes in Hyperdrive are really no one's single effort like most projects,as I've said I'm lucky the guys at Qurios have done such a proffesional job of putting some of my models on the screen !!

Anonymous said...

Superman 2, general Zod!!! I Win!!

Andrew Glazebrook said...

I always win !!!!