Sunday, January 22, 2006

Zombie Level

I did this a while back as a design for a level for a PS2 game, it was for a Zombie Game idea, the level was going to be set in an abandoned Underground Station in London.

One of the stations which is abandoned on the network but is still there, Wood Lane closed in 1947 but trains continued to pass through the low level platforms until 1948. The track through Platforms 1 & 2 was lifted in the 1950's and the bridge over Wood Lane and the western part of the walkway crossing over the station was demolished.

I planned for the characters to enter the station from ground level through a maintenance stairway and then get down onto the abandoned platform where they would have some access to the station but other areas would be caged off etc... The level and it accessories were built in Max but these pics are not renders they are screengrabs from an in game editor running in real time. I still have this level and plan eventually to do more work on it and light and take some renders in Max, and maybe even get a few Zombie's down there ! Like the real underground some would say :)

Below is a link to Disused Stations on the London Underground.

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