Thursday, February 02, 2006

The Humanoid Website

In 1979 an Italian Sci-Fi movie was released L'Umanoide or The Humanoid as it was known in the UK and U.S was Directed by Aldo Lado under the pseudonym of George B.Lewis. I think he was trying to sound like George Lucas.

The film starred Richard Kiel 'Jaws' of 007 fame, and was full of Space Battles, Aliens, Robots etc... I remember seeing this with my brother at the local Odeon and enjoying it lots. Many years later I got to see it on VHS and it wasn't quite the movie I remembered, the FX were cheap, the acting was corny amongst a long list of other problems it had, but I became a fan of this movie all over again for completely different reasons. Bad movies can be good !

A mate has set up a site dedicated to not only The Humanoid but to Italian and Low Budget Cult Sci-Fi movies, whose titles include Galaxy of Terror,Ragewar,Forbidden World,Lifeforce,Laserblast,The Titan Find,Planet of the Vampires,War in Space to name but a few.

Gonz who runs the site has managed to track down many of the cast and crew of these movies and has some rare behind the scenes FX pics etc... that have been sent to him. So if you like your movies cheap and cheerful check out his site in the links at the side of the page.

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