Sunday, February 05, 2006

Missed a day !

I missed a day posting on my Blog yesterday. I was busy most of the day then on the evening I was doing work on my Bunker Busting Missile for the guy in the U.S, then I went to post on my Blog late on and I couldn't get on the thing,it kept bringing up an error :/ Anyway it seems to be working again now OK !!


Frielaholic said...

I've used images from your site to land myself a peachy job at a new games company called Nuclear Moons in the 'Boro. The directors, Dick and Roger Halfwit say I'm exactly what they're looking for. Thankyou Andrew Glazebrook.... hope you don't mind. I'll split my wages with you.

p.s. The producer, Mr. D. Porkpie says he's looking forward to working me.

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Congratulations the extra 25p will come in handy !! Plus if you need any low poly keys making just ask !