Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Humanoid : Nurek Base - Work in progress

This is for my mate Gonz's The Humanoid website. Gonz flew out to Sweden recently where he met Richard Kiel who played Golob in The Humanoid. Look at the size of those hands in the pic ! Gonz has a promotion on his website for an Autograph offer from Richard Kiel. Check here http://www.golobthehumanoid.com/autographoffer.html


Jo Bling said...

I'll pop that noggin like a cherry tomata!

DanO said...

i wish i could have a picture of myself with Richard Kiel.
my girl's mom just saw him at a cafe in Bakersfield CA - but she said he's getting up there. he was using a walker to get around.
the guy is a legend.

one time a friend of mine was in the hospital and i bought him Richard Kiel's autobiography to pass the time.
the perfect gift.