Tuesday, October 03, 2006

HMS Camden Lock - Interior PT 2

I took the interior of the HMS Camden Lock corridor from Hyperdrive that I posted here http://tinyurl.com/o6fp9 and expanded it into another scene, maybe some sort of power station part of the ship. Again just for a bit of fun really.


lee said...

Hi Andrew,
first of all thank you for your graceious comment, and i'll say one thing you have a great gift which you use to full effect, It's inspiring.
take care

phc said...

hi andrew

thanks for leaving a comment on my blog...i apprecciate !!! and i'm very happy because you like my work...

i just watched your Cavorite Sphere...it's very good animation...i like it very much...

"see you soon"



Annie said...

Hey Andrew I love looking at this! I must tell Trevor - it's much better than the test card.

Elliott said...

hey andrew,

thanks for all your comments your work is awesome as well! it seems as though we may have similar influences! haha! again tho i really dig your stuff.

see ya,


Dela said...

Really educational. thank you