Tuesday, October 31, 2006


I'm busy at the moment doing some rather dull 2D work. So I thought I'd post an older piccy I did in Vue Infinite a while back, did a bit of Photoshop work on this too.


Goobeetsablog said...



Rich Faber said...


I don't know anything about 3D rendering, but you do some incredible work! It all looks just outstanding!

Also, thnks for stopping by my blog and commenting. Feel free to check in anytime!

Rich Faber

allen said...

looks like a nice place to visit.

Drakath said...

The composition of this is great. I can almost feel the wind blowing through the trees... Amazing!

Andrew Glazebrook said...

I added the leaves in this picture just on Alpha Planes in Vue.

Bob said...

Hey andrew

thanx for the nice comments. I really love these trees. Looks very organic yet stylised. You did a great job. Is it a cool program Vue. Never used it.

Keith Dury said...

Looks sweet dude! Good job!

*get K seal of approval stamped

I wish I could colour :)

Alfredo said...

the leaves r the photoshop work?? amazing man great atmosphere ,cheers !

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Cheers for the comments, Godofredox the leaves are actually in the 3D Scene,the only photoshop work was justa bit of colour balance and some blurring for Depth of Field.

Tidyfiguremaker said...

Love this one andt, very nice and very apt for the weather at the moment.