Thursday, December 28, 2006

Vue 6 promotion 2

e-on Software makers of the Vue range of products are using 3 more of my pics to help promote their software.

The first is Nanobots which I posted here back in March

They're also using my Derelict Structures piccy which I also posted in March

And finally they're using my Industrial Planet picture which was posted way back in January

I've edited their posts to show all 3 pics on one page,they're actually running 2 on one page and one on the other.


Tidyfiguremaker said...

You really should get in touch with them and see if they will send you a free copy of the latest version. After all they are using your images for free as part of their advertising.

Dela said...

Congatulations Andrew ,the models and the renderings looks amazing ,
love that rusty industrial look.
I agree with the tidyfiguremaker.