Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Crater

A vue 5 scene I set up a while back, got around to rendering it the other day. Rendered in 4 layers so I could blur the foreground foliage to different levels !


allen said...

freakin' sweet! Great sense of scale and depth!

Sarita Kolhatkar said...

Wow! The lighting is just brilliant!! I like your foreground as well - did you actually model the foliage or is it Paint Effects??

Andrew Glazebrook said...

The foreground is 3D foliage from Vue 5 !

Dave said...

Sweet job and well worth those 4 renders! It really adds to the depth! Awesome detail yet again.

Joe said...

Really nice. The blur to the fg gives it that nice depth of field touch of reality.

Patrick said...

Unreal! Your stuff looks so realistic it blows me away! Really cool and very well done!!!

craig said...

Hey Andrew,
Great pic. Really dig the corridor you designed with the star wars feel

braden matt said...

Wow. Very remarkable. I need to learn 3d so bad! Amazing work.

Andrew Glazebrook said...

It really need either a spaceship or some Dino's down there !!

Matt Turner said...

Really nice!
I particularly like the crater texturing and the trees all around it.
My only 2 reservations are:
1. The shadows are too black. Unless its nighttime, no blacks outside should ever be absolute black. I take it you didn't use GI? Judging by brightness of the sky, there should be bounce/ambient light to lighten those areas.
2. The floor of the crater is level with the surrounding floor outside. This makes it look like the crater walls have grown out of the ground. There should be a depression in the floor. Looking at it as a cut-through from the side it should look like this:
Where yours looks like this:

I would lower the walls a bit as well.
Other than that, fantastic! Love the foliage!