Friday, April 06, 2007

Transport Ship pt 2 - Work in Progress

This ship has gone from being a background vehicle to mid ground, back to background and now I don't know where it's going to end up. Anyway this is where it's up to at the moment. From what Emmett has told me it would seem that a lot of the main ships will probably end up as actual miniatures, even though like me one of their other concept artists is designing the ships in CG. Background vehicles will end up being CG, or at this moment that's what I've been told. This project should have a final title within the next few weeks. Anyway this ship is a Transport craft, I posted the nose section of this a month or so ago. I've still got lots of detail to add to the top and I'm awaiting decisions on colours and logo's etc... for this craft.


allen said...

I would fly one of those. Looks like it could smash through the hull of any other ship...not sure why my brain is on "ramming speed" but there it is...really like the look of this one.

what speed is ramming speed anyway?

Anonymous said...


it's nice to see the model.
and the work that goes into
making a spacecraft.

I love box modeling ships in max
but nowhere near to this extreme

really nice effort.

Tim Bye said...

It looks really great - fantastic design!

Moonwatcher said...

I think this would look cool in yellow with lots of rust :) You're work is amazing. I think I have seen your work on another CG forum before.

Andrew Glazebrook said...

It'll probably be a bit rusty but I think they want to go with grey's on this,cheers for the comments guys !