Monday, October 01, 2007

Gingerbreed - Spaceship - Work in Progress Pt 5

Here are some updates of the texturing of the side thrusters at the rear of the ship and the general engine area. These thrusters retract in to the main hull of the ship when it's in flight, and only come out for landing.

I've also detailed and textures the are at the top of the ship where the mechanism will go that the escape vessel attaches to, and you people thought that was a swimming pool.

These two pics at the bottom are a bit more updated than those of the thrusters.


Andy J. Latham said...

Fantastic looking stuff as usual! How long does it take to texture something like this? Is it longer than the modelling stage?

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Michael G Clark said...

Andrew, crazy stuff. Excellent.

I'm sure you've just taken photos of a spaceship you keep in your shed. Does Torchwood know about you?

allen said...

I like the thrusters coming out of the much of this ship design is yours and how much input to the Gingerbreed guys have?

Andrew Glazebrook said...

I'd say they were both about the same, maybe texturing is a little quicker depending on the models details etc... I wish I'd textured this though as I built, saves a lot of time especially with parts that have been cloned etc...

I'd rather Sarah Jane new about me than TORCHWOOD ! :)

the design was pretty much given to me,the basic layout is there's, but I've been able to add whatever detail and change certain things, but they had an idea for the shape before hand.

Moonwatcher said...

Getting cooler every time you post a new picture. Great !

leolietje said...


Michael G Clark said...


I'll secon you on the Sarah Jane thing. What was I thinking about with Torchwood. They'd shag you then shoot you, or something like that.

Dave said...

There's worse ways to die ;)

Man you guys are doing a great job on this thing!