Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Ship Interior

Here's something else that probably falls into the category of 'still to do' . I did this test last year based on something I did for some of the Hyperdrive craft that got a little lost in the show. I've always wanted to do either a miniature or CG ship that has windows with an actual modelled and illuminated and detailed interior, quite a few windows so as the ship passes you can see something is in there and it's not just an empty looking ship. I think only Star Trek in the past has really attempted this in some of it's ship fly-by's. The interior model would be fairly low poly but with enough detail in the area's that will be visible though the windows, there would be illuminated screens, flashing lights, CG Crew walking around, anything to give the ship life if it flew by and you could see inside.
Here are some tests I did at the time, a low poly corridor section, and a view from outside a section of ships hull, and also a quick animated test that I did showing an interior door opening as we move past with a low poly, non animated man stood inside.
Eventually I'd like to do a big ship with lots of these sections, but for the moment this will have to wait.


Dave said...

Yeah, that makes a huge difference to the viewer. Great job, Andrew!

Simon Scales said...

Looks sweet Andy....keep it all coming mate!

Niel Bushnell said...

BSG do this a lot, you can see it on the Presidents ship quite a bit. Nice work Mr G

Moonwatcher said...

A very nice idea.