Saturday, September 05, 2009

UFO Tests - Work in progress - Part 2

Been doing some work on the UFO model and started work on a CG environment, at the moment the buildings have simply been copied far left and right to fill out the scene, but I'm working on some new buildings for there, also they need chimneys, TV Ariels etc... to help dress them. The phone box textures I took in Yarm along with the NatWest bank front, you can see a closer picture of the phone box that I posted here back in 2006, the shop textures I got from some pictures I took in Middleton in Teesdale a few years back. The buildings are fairly low poly and I'm only building what you'll see for the most part.

As for the UFO, I've changed the colour of the outer lights at the request of Steve who I'm modeling these for. The above render is purely a test at the moment with a bit of photoshop enhancement.

Another test vid, a little on the dark side now it's in You Tube, but you get the idea !


Simon Scales said...

Hey man....nice to see some more stuff from you...awesome!!

Anonymous said...

Just discovered you blog and I freaking love it. The Toxic Mover back from Dec 2006 is fantastic. It makes me want to build one Blue Peter style.



Moonwatcher said...

Stunning. I really love what you've done with this so far, I prefer the orange to the blue.