Thursday, March 31, 2011

The spaceship without a home...yet !

I made this 'Work in Progress' ship originally as an example for Jampix but it was decided that the ship was a little to 'Bounty Hunter' looking for what he needed. So I simply put the ship into storage, recently Allen Etter was in need of a Dropship for his Cerulean project so I dusted the ship off and gave it some new textures, the ship needed to land so I made some alterations to the model (below)

Though the model was still incomplete I did some test anims of how I thought the ship should land, which myself and Allen were happy with, although looking through some older ships I found another unfinished craft here Cerulean Dropship which I thought was more in keeping with the main ship I'm also building and the look of the film. So the ship now around 80% complete has gone back into storage until it's services are needed by someone else.Here are the test animations I did of this craft for Allen's film.

Click the images below

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allen etter said...


I really like this ship. Even tho it does not work as a drop ship, there is a flashback sequence that Cerulean has when she is forced to fight in an arena. Above the city are numerous ships in orbit watching a transmission of her fight against a horde of warriors. There are police vehicles scurrying about to make sure everyone abides by the rules and watches the battle without killing each other over bets. This ship could easily become a police force craft...I'm just saying...if not, we'd love it in Steam Punk Bonnie and Klyde...our next project.