Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Gateway Station Animation

Here's a shot of Gateway Station that I created for Aliens Epilogue, the space station was never seen in a complete shot in the James Cameron film Aliens so it was a case of trying to expand what we seen of it into a whole station. This is what I imagined the station might have looked like and Darren Kemp was happy with the look.

Click the piccy above for the animation.


allen etter said...

Sweet. So when does that movie come out?

Andrew Glazebrook said...

It's already had a showing or two, but there's some final FX work that needs finishing !!

Dean "Freak" Micetich said...

Is this where you disapeared to?

The station looks grear mate.

yoborob said...

thanks for popping by me blog - i was trying to keep it secret . just for myself. but you found me again . I am blown away by the model building here - you have great design sense andy - you should be working on huge feature productions . ( you might already be doing so )
I expect a model of richy's nz house ... attached to a ion thruster by the end of the week . or earlier .