Saturday, March 03, 2012

Recent Illustrations and Paintings

Watercolour Self Portrait

Pencil Self Portrait

Pencil Self Portrait

Pencil Self Portrait - Me Circa 1977

Stanley Kubrick Pencil Drawing

David Lynch Watercolour

Duncan Jones Pencil Drawing unfinished, director of Moon and Source Code


Jampix said...

Great work Andrew!!

Sukanto Debnath said...

excellent work!

Manoj Singh said...

sooooooooo much great stuff!! Look forward to your 2012 work!

laichee yang said...

Your portraits are great!

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Thank you very much. Cheers all for the feedback !

ross cuthbert said...

Hi Andrew,
Sorry, its been a while since I dipped my foot in the blogosphere. Some lovely new work here, love the portraits, really good stuff!! Hope youre keeping well!

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