Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Blake's 7 - Clip Gun

I was asked in what seems like an age ago now,probably the early months of 2003,by my friend Niel if I could build a replica of the Clip Gun which was used in Season 4 of the cult BBC TV series Blake's 7. Niel was doing the menu's for the DVD releases of this show and was doing graphics in CG for all 4 series.

Luckily there are some nice reference pics of the Clip Gun online and in magazines,and even better Niel was able to provide me with a blueprint of the gun.The gun was built in Studio Max 3. I also made one of the crew Teleport Bracelets and a Federation Blaster,I believe there was some rights issues with the latter so it was dropped.

The other job I did was to take a model that Niel already had of the spacehip 'Scorpio' and add a bit of extra detail and some new textures,the original of this model was built,so I hear,in an afternoon by Trevor 'Smiler' Storey,from what I recall he even had his feet on the desk whilst building it,talk about relaxing while you work.

The strange side of this story is that even now after all these years series 4 of Blake's 7 has yet to be released on DVD,it's down for April this year,3 years after I made the Clip Gun.

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Anonymous said...

Hi there Andrew... I've been after one of these clip guns since I first saw them as a kid on TV.

You mentioned there are some good design references for the Series 4 Clip Gun available on the Internet. I had a quick look but didn't turn up any blueprints. Could you spare a moment to send me a few links? I'd be hugely obliged.


Better still... do you fancy a commission to make another one..??

With very best regards,

Tim (West Sussex)