Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Ultra Guardians

Many moons ago now I was involved with a SF Project called Ultra Guardians, it was the creation of Cardiff based Neville Buchanan. The project originally was going to be called Omni Force but changed during production of the first pilot episode.I say first pilot episode because there were two.

The first combined a mixture of Stop Motion Animation and miniatures with CGI,it featured the voice talents of Victor Spinetti and Ian Ogilvy. This pilot helped find interest in the creation of a TV series.
Ultra Guardians was to be a 26 part childrens TV show with episodes running at 26 minutes in length. It was decided that the whole show was to be CGI, the animation etc... was being handled by a company in South Korea called 'Cyper Entertainment Inc'

The job I was asked to do was to help design ships and props for the show,I would mock up a ship using a combination of Studio Max and Vue d'Esprit and my grey renders would be sent across to South Korea were they would be built and animated in Maya. If you look at the picture attached you can see my grey model and some final grabs from the actual show. So Ultra Guardians went to a second pilot episode, and then due to reasons beyond a lot of peoples control the whole project went belly up. Designs had been started by myself and co-designer Pete Gough for the 2nd and 3rd episodes but sadly by this time the problems with the production had already begun.

Neville the creator of the show currently has Cyclone in early production,a show which also features futuristic craft and fantastic worlds.


Syke360 said...

hello, i saw parts of teh First Episode of Ultra Guardians.

Dont know why they never went on making the full season.

Dont know if u get to read this.

U still keep in contact with Neville?

Andrew Glazebrook said...

I think they had trouble with money as far as I know, I worked on the 2nd Pilot that was all CGI and we started work on some episode designs when it all fell though.
I still hear off Neville once in a while, a mate of mine hears off him more than me.
How do you know Nev, did you work on any of the show at all ?

Syke360 said...

Unfortunatly I didnt work on the show at all, i would ahave been great experience.

Im a Unknown Voice Actor from wales
and recently I have provided Voice Overs for his latest production Cyclone.

He showed me the Pilot of the Stop Motion and the CGI version on Ultra Guardians, I was just suprised it never took off.

Andrew Glazebrook said...

I did some really early concept pics for Cyclone probably 6 years ago maybe ,but I've got nothing to do with the production now.

Syke360 said...

is taken that long to make huh ?


I have seen early CGI Scenes.

As far as I know hes the only one working on Cyclone. Juggling Cyclone and everyday stuff.

Andrew Glazebrook said...

I did the images here which have the Cyclone Logo on, but as I said it was in the early days of me doing CG and may be around 2001
Cyclone Images