Thursday, January 12, 2006

Hyperdrive - HMS Camden Lock Concept Art

OK the first Episode of Hyperdrive has aired and I've finally gotten to see my CG Model of the HMS Camden Lock in action.And very nice it looked too I thought,hats off to the guys at Qurios for doing such a great job with the lighting and animation.Anyway what we have here is the original concept drawing by the shows writer Andy Riley of the Camden Lock.Andy is hardly Syd Mead or Ron Cobb but his simple sketch of what is essentially the BT Tower with engines was enough to spark mine and Niel's interest with the show.I made a prototype model first (which I hope to post on this blog soon) and Niel added some additional detail to the communications areas and did test animations to show the shows creators.The final model of the HMS Camden Lock is far removed from this concept detail wise but it retains the same basic layout as Andy humorous doodle.


Ryan said...

Hi, i worked on hyperdrive too, I did the female glish, the smaller lallakiss and the supreme ruler (sculpted make-ups). I was really impressed with the cg, The ships are great!!

Ryan Tottle

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Hey the Glish Make-up was cool,very nicely done indeed !! I look forward to seeing the Lallakiss stuff !

ross cuthbert said...

Are you guys speaking English? I dont understand this blog speak.