Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Sig Sauer

The Sig Sauer Hangun was made by me for use in a Playstation 2 game called Stealth Force - The War on Terror. This 2278 Polygon Model was one of the guns held by the player,this being a first person shooter game this model is visible close up, hence the amount of detail.
It even holds up quite well in the render I've attached although you can see some segmented edges on part of it, if you know what you're looking for and understand about CG modelling in the first place !
Anyway not having a Playstaion 2 I've not actually played the game this was in, a game for which I also created a mine level complete with depleted uranium being used for nefarious activities, and some other bits and pieces which got scattered around some of the other levels. This game is around £9.99 but from what I've heard you can probably pick it up cheaper than that...mind you the price might tell you a whole lot about the game, don't expect Half Life 2 !


Nay_Gevara said...

I've actually played that game and although its clearly made on a shoe string budget the animation is fantastic !

Andrew Glazebrook said...

A lot of it is done with a motion capture suit these days !

agnostes said...

£7.99 from certain large supermarket type places...bargain! (ahem)

Andrew Glazebrook said...

I've heard even the bargain bucket spit it out !