Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Virtual Kit Parts

This is an example of some of the digital kit parts I made that were used on some of the CG Ships that I did for BBC 2's Hyperdrive. I have a rather extensive collection of kit parts and junk that I've collected over the years, I dug through the boxes and picked out parts of tanks etc... and made digital versions which I could then use on the ships. A couple of the parts are based on the Dapol Girder Bridge made for OO/HO Scale Railways, this kits been in production for more years than I'd like to estimate and parts were used on some of the Thunderbirds ships in the 1960's and also on the Space 1999 Spaceships as well as the Liberator in Blake's 7.
The parts circled in red are just some sections I modelled out from these bigger pieces of the kit parts.

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