Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Alien Ship

A pretty non descript Alien Ship I made about the same time I was building the Hyperdrive stuff.


Gordon Fraser said...


Dean Roberts said...

hi andy - you've posted somemore interestimg things - i like the door facade and the strange thing a lot - you should not be so dissmissive of your work .
thanks for reminding me too late that it was dicky's birthday . does that mean he was 40 . my god ...i'm next . then its 50 ... then its prostate problems ....then senility and death ....jimmy corregan was right . we're just doing stuff to fill the time before death because we have no idea why we are here. that's bloggin'!!

Ken Chandler said...

Sweet! Looks like an organic ship. Wonder if it runs on photosynthesis? Very cool Andrew! Thanks 2 for stopping by my blog. 'Preciate your comments.