Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Now I'd say what was scarier than a Zombie would be a Zombie in his underpants. :)
I'm not really a character person but programs like Poser these days are getting better at letting you take base figures and tweaking face shapes and anatomy etc... So this started as a base figure and I skinnied it up using the modifiers then I took the template texture and made my own for this Zombie, it was then brought into Vue 5 Infinite where I adjusted the textures further. The final pic was rendered in Vue 5 too. The mushrooms were something I made a while back for another job.


upstartfilmworks said...

thanks for the blog comment. Just noticed it. So I take it that you are a digital FX artist?

shoot me an email when you get a moment: upstartfilm at sbcglobal dot net.

- Mel

Anonymous said...

Hi Andrew, as usual, stellar work, I just don't know where you get the time!
Would love it if I could add this fellah to the gallery over at, any chance of letting him play out with the other undead for a while?


Andrew Glazebrook said...

Hey Nik,
Sure you can post him on your site !!

Anonymous said...

Hey Andrew, thanks so much for letting him join in the fun, I'm sure he'll fit right in! The pic is 'live' now, and I took the liberty of putting Return of the Living Dead down as your fave Flick though realise this might not be correct, so please let me know if it's not.
Thanks again!

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Hey Nik, ROTLD is my favourite Zombie film so that's fine !!

paulhd said...

Liking that.... something I don't usually say about a man, dead or alive, in his pants.

Madamebogg said...

Hello Andrew!
Thanks for dropping by, I checked out zombiedollars, its really cool. When I saw this i thought it was a photograph of an actual figurine! Your lighting skills are amazing! Really had me fooled.