Friday, November 09, 2007

Blake's 7 - Teleport Bracelet 3

This is a pretty obscure build even by my standards, I made this based on an original design by Ian Scoones for the teleport bracelet for series 1 of Blake's 7 at about the same time I made the other bracelets, just never got around to doing a pic of it until now, for quickness I just replaced the actual series 1 teleport from my older picture with this one. See Labels below.
The concept drawing this was based on was in the book Blake's 7: The Inside Story published in 1997.
The description gives the measurements as Length - 5-½, Width 2-½ and Height as 4 inches. Which makes for a pretty chunky bracelet, no wonder they went for the slimmer ones in the end. He notes it should have a white plasticard finish with foam rubber around the wrist and that 30 of these be made with 6 extra breakable ones.


Anonymous said...

still has that
old sci-fi feel to it.

GhettoFab said...

simply gorgeous Andrew! Top notch as always!!!

greg oakes said...

teleport bracelets?? coool!! very interesting stuff!! by the way, that scribble of the guy drinking rum is indeed ME. ;) thanks again for all your support!! keep up the great work andrew!! ~go

Dave said...

I agree with Brian! They look sweet!

Spud said...

very cool.

fongsaunder said...

Hello. Thanks for dropping by my place and the compliment. Interesting stuff you have here (I like your Tripods xD).

-So say we all