Sunday, December 06, 2009

Blake's 7 - Domed City - Work in progress

Here's something I'm working on at the moment, it's my own version of the Domed City seen only in 4 (rather poor shots) in Episode 1 of Blake's 7, plus the opening credits of the show.Going to add some landing pads to the side of the dome from where the prison ship London takes off in the first episode.

Here below is the dome as it appears in the show in just a handful of scenes !


james corcoran said...

Looks fantastic! Is this for something in particular or just for fun?

LR said...

That looks really good Andrew.

Martin Klekner said...

Woow! Great work, really amazing

Starship said...

Hi Andrew! Never saw your blog before, what is a shame for me. You have a lot of good work posted here. I have Vue too, but don´t know nothing about that. :D You made impressive renderings my friend!
Keep doing the great work.

Shawn Driscoll said...

I like the scale and aged look so far.

greg oakes said...

insane details!?! that looks like it would have taken a lot of patience/time!! btw, i finally added you to my blog links! ;) happy holidays bro ~go

Mangamax said...

Lovely work there. Martin had a right old rant to me once (in the nicest possible way) about what a chore it was to detail the original.
He recieved it part built and they'd just drilled holes all over it completely at random plus the majority of the panels were - get this - plasters!

denis renshaw said...

hello there
i am doing a little blakes 7 CGI enhanced versions and your dome is great
did u ever finish it
any chance i could use it instead of starting from scratch

nice work
i am english but now live in CA
i work in the games industry