Monday, December 09, 2013

Zombie Make-up & Photoshop Tweaks.

Here's a version of the Zombie make-up I did on James Morris that I've altered in Photoshop. Added dirt to the T-Shirt, re-done the eyes, blacked out some teeth and changed the skin colour.


Victor Resistor said...

Hi Andrew -

odd question but are you still in touch with Richard Dolan? I would love to get a page of his art and you are the only connection I can find to him!

Best wishes,


Andrew Glazebrook said...

Hi, I am indeed, leave your full name and e-mail address here, I won't post it on the blog and I'll forward your details onto him !!

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Got your details and forwarded them onto Richard.

Jampix said...

Its Dodgy Rodger!!

Moonwatcher said...

Brill !!