Friday, February 28, 2014

Mask Design

Back on January 29th 2013 I made a post about a mask I'd made at Uni, well the images here were from my original design ideas when it was going to be some kind of frog/toad man.

This design above as do some of my others, have a look of the creatures from the Gerry Anderson TV show Space Precinct, it wasn't intentional, but once it was pointed out to me I could see the similarity in several of them. It also had a feel of the Toad character from the Aardman animated film Flushed Away, well mainly the smoking jacket, more than the face.

I liked the colours on this one that's above, I think the blue and the orange go well together.

The one above reminds me of the baby dinosaur from the Henson show Dinosaurs. Again not intentional.

Eye studies.

This was an attempt to make it bare a bit of a likeness to the Creature from the Black Lagoon type of creature.

Again a bit Gillman, and also some Cthulhu thrown in for good measure.

This one is a bit more insect like.

And this was a costume design to go with the actual mask I ended up making, see my post for Jan 29th down the page.


allen etter said...

These sketches are awesome.

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Cheers Allen !

Waldbiene said...

Oh niiice! Thats awesome! You are very talented!

Moonwatcher said...

Fabulous illustrations!

Fraser Lovatt said...

These are beautiful -- the way the line work and colouring comes together is very cohesive. 13 in particular reminded me of Belardinelli's work for his early 2000AD Dan Dare strip, but cleaner, and that was one of the most well drawn strips they've had.